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The new version of the industrial engineering training is a great success

Shortened program meets approval

On the 27th of April 2022, the first 13 participants completed the recently relaunched REFA-IE- program in Darmstadt and received their certificates, awarding them the title of “REFA-Industrial-Engineer”.

In line with the recent trend, the training course for REFA Industrial engineer has become more compact since the beginning of this year.

The seven seminars can now be completed in just 15 days. An enormous gain in time compared to the previous 21 days that had to be invested to receive the coveted certificate – a great advantage for everyone wanting to get fit for the future quickly, without long absences from the workplace. In the newly designed training, REFA attaches immense value to the highest possible practical relevance. It is the aim to provide the participants with a solid base which enables them to implement the newly learned methods in their companies without delay. Immediate ability to act is a decisive factor in being able to keep up with the fast-paced competitive environment of today.

Under the direction of prof. Dr. Gamber and Prof. Dr. Tackenberg, the participants were taught in a practical manner, how specialists and managers can meet the challenges of the rapid entrepreneurial change. It is right now, that companies must deal with demanding challenges brought to light by the digitisation that has long since begun and the onset of Industry 4.0. The intelligent networking of machines and processes in industry creates promising opportunities for a customer-oriented production and flexible solutions in processes. In turn, this holds enormous growth potential, as the innovations allow for better efficiency, lower costs, and savings in resources. If companies want to reap the benefits of this trend, they will have to be well prepared and cannot leave anything to chance. It is imperative not to just accompany change, but to actively shape it.

During the seminars, the graduates not only gained technical and methodological knowledge, but also learned how to assess the chances and risks of new developments and how to derive appropriate actions. As a result, they are now in the position to accompany change processes long term. Important topics, such as management and leadership, which play a vital role while implementing change, were addresses as well. Those who assume responsibility for personnel and projects need efficient methods to lead and motivate teams in the best conceivable way and to ensure a successful cooperation of all involved.

Several graduates already are preparing for the next step: they are striving for the sought-after title of REFA Engineer, which can be obtained by preparing and successfully presenting a 40-page project paper. For this, they create a project proposal based on the methods learned and related to their requirements of their individual business environment. Decisive for obtaining the title is, amongst other things, demonstrating the competences needed for a holistic perspective on the business environment and the interdisciplinary view on tasks and projects. The thesis is scientifically supervised by REFA International AG and is the ideal preparation for the implementation of change processes according to the company’s goals.


You can find more information about the REFA-Industrial-Engineer training here.

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