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For those in competition, who have to „sail close to the wind „ in terms of times and costs, reliable data from your operation is a prerequisite. Moreover– in a dynamic environment and agile markets your value adding structures and procedures need to be checked time and again with respect to their improvement potentials. The word process optimisation encompasses all measures, which are used to make existing structures and processes in the operational value adding chain even more productive and even more efficient.

However, before the actual optimisation process can begin, a process analysis is necessary as the potential for improvements needs to be systematically identified and bottlenecks and weak points have to be found upfront. During a process analysis, the experts of REFA International AG use a wide spectrum of methods, such as SWOT analysis, Ishikawa Diagrams, Mistake and Influence analysis (FMEA), Morphological Boxes, Process-Portfolio Diagrams and many more. Of course, additionally the results of REFA time studies and/or activity samplings are used.

For the selection of the processes to be analysed our consultants mainly focus on key performance indicators (KPI´S) with regard to process quality (frequency of mistakes) time (execution and through-put-times) as well as costs (personnel expenditure and resource usage).

During the process analysis and the following process optimisation our consultants follow a systematic planning system in six stages, which allow weak points and bottlenecks within the developmental, production and business processes to be reliably identified and removed. Furthermore, this is the ideal opportunity to initiate a continual improvement process, which will anchor down the permanent will for optimisation within the company.

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