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Transparency is a prerequisite for accurate planning and controlling, for correct offer and price caculations, for fair remuneration and an overall competitive acting in the market. The REFA Time recording (called the REFA Time Study) is a tried and trusted method when wanting clarity about times and quantities, about efficiency and productivity, about influencing factors, weak points and the possibilities of improvement potentials.

A REFA Time Study follows a standardised procedure. It starts with the description of the work system, especially the work procedures, the work methods and the work conditions as well as the recording of reference quantities and influence parameters. Central point of the time study is the repetitive time recording of previously defined process steps of a task. Parallel to this the performance degree of the executing employee is estimated in order to be able to consider inter- and intra-personnel performance differences. With the so determined times of the work processes , set into relation to the standard performance, they can now be analysed with regard to improvement potentials and used as target and allowed times for time and price calculations.

The procedure is described in detail in the REFA standard program Time Study. It requires diligent work and above all a suitable training. The consultants of REFA International AG do not only have profound qualifications but also extensive experience with time recordings from numerous projects. Against this background, they repeatedly find that time data and a catalogue of standard times is severely neglected in most companies. As a result, cost accounting and controlling systems, order planning and controlling as well as remunerations system may be based on data that does not reflect the true operating situation anymore and therefore do not allow the company to deal with the current market requirements. In order to end this „blind-flight“ our experts are at your side with advice and action not only for conducting time studies or the review of existing time recording but also for the introduction of a complete REFA-Time Management..

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