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Explore tailored solutions to unlock your company's full potential through our training programs, found under the "Training" section on our website. We specialize in both in-house sessions and online events, focusing on four key areas: Potential Analysis, Time Studies, Lean Methodologies and Industrial Consultation, along with Controlling.

Our training is designed to empower employees at all levels of the corporate hierarchy – from skilled workers to executives. We understand the varied designations and demands across international levels and accordingly customize our content.

An Overview of Our Core Areas:

  1. Potential Analysis and Performance Enhancement: Uncover untapped potential within your enterprise and enhance process efficiency. Based on tried-and-true REFA methods and tools, we offer a detailed analysis to optimize workflows and eliminate bottlenecks.
  2. Time Studies and Efficiency Improvement: Precisely capture work processes and pinpoint time wastage. Employing proven REFA methodologies, we assist you in streamlining procedures and liberating valuable resources.
  3. Lean Methodologies and Continuous Improvement: Cultivate a culture of ongoing improvement within your business. Rooted in Lean principles, our training equips you to implement lean processes and minimize waste.
  4. Industrial Consultation and Strategic Alignment: Shape your company's future through strategic decision-making. Delivered by seasoned trainers with hands-on corporate experience, we provide practical advice to enhance your competitive edge.
  5. Controlling and Performance Management: Master tools and techniques in controlling to measure and steer your corporate strategy's success. Learn how to effectively utilize KPIs and attain your business objectives.

Our workshops are conducted by industry-experienced trainers who have worked in the corporate world. We emphasize a practical approach through case studies and real-world examples, ensuring seamless application of learned concepts in your daily operations.

Your Benefits:

  • Tailored training for all hierarchy levels, internationally adapted
  • Practical application of REFA methods for sustainable process improvement
  • Certification upon completion as a testament to your qualifications
  • Trainers with practical experience, closely tied to corporate reality
  • Focus on hands-on application and real-life examples

We invite you to explore our comprehensive offerings and collaborate with us to shape your company's future. Harness the opportunities of digitization and employ tried-and-true REFA methods for lasting process optimization. Contact us today to learn more about our training programs and personalized solutions.


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