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Logistics and storage optimisation

Logistics is an area with complex and high performance requirements with numerous systems and subsections. Improvement measures aim to plan, control and coordinate them. For this, every company needs an individual logistics optimisation that is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the business.

Analyse and improve logistics performance

The identification of savings potentials is a perennial issue, especially in logistics systems such as warehouses, picking units or also in distribution logistics, with considerable exploitation opportunities.

Improvement of the material flow and storage optimisation

In practice, warehouse logistics is multifaceted. A demonstrable determinant of success can probably be summed up with the key phrase “throughput times”. The challenge: to continuously optimise, reduce storage costs and still keep production flexible.

Time studies and process optimisation in logistics systems

Time studies and process optimisation in the areas of storage and order picking, but also in the area of production logistics, show rationalisation potential for numerous companies.

Reorganisation of storage systems

Increased international competition is forcing companies to reduce costs and throughput times in storage systems while increasing delivery service levels. How can you meet this challenge? The decisive factors here are the optimisation of stocks and the design of efficient logistics processes inside and outside the company. Comprehensive management of the entire storage system, which we design and introduce together with you, demonstrably offers considerable potential.

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