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The business environment is subject to accelerating changes, which you as a specialist and manager must face every day. For you to survive in this accelerated competition, it is necessary to adapt your company processes and design them in a future-oriented way. That is why we focus our updated training for the REFA-Industrial-Engineer on the highest practical relevance.

Companies in competition must not leave anything to chance in this time of acceleration: Innovation cycles are becoming shorter, development times of products and services are decreasing, the speed of change in all economic sectors is increasing. The sought-after industrial engineer who, as a professional change manager - with practical experience and first-class methodological education - not only accompanies the change process, but also actively shapes the processes in line with the company´s goals, is called for.

In addition to the comprehensive technical and methodological competence, the industrial engineer imperatively needs system competence, i.e., the ability to understand, control and change systems. It is equally important to assess the opportunities and risks of new developments, such as digitisation/Industry 4.0, and to derive suitable measures from them. Since the industrial engineer has a key position between management and employees, the need for his social and leadership skills are not to be underestimated.

The newly developed training for the REFA Industrial Engineer is tailored precisely to these specific needs. Its graduates are well equipped to take on the new challenges - being innovative, dynamic and high-performing individuals.

Target group

Specialists and managers working in strategic or planning positions


Specialists and managers who have learned to recognise, evaluate and develop potential for change (change management) will be in demand in the future.

As a REFA-Industrial Engineer you will be able to

  • recognise and successfully meet the challenges facing your company.
  • design and implement human-oriented productivity management.
  • strategically set up company systems, process organisation and industrial engineering.
  • implement the digital transformation and Industry 4.0 in your company in a targeted manner.
  • take on leadership tasks with personnel and project responsibility.

Training duration

The training consists of seven seminars with a total of 15 days. Technical and methodological knowledge is passed on through lectures and deepened with exercises, case studies and business games. A continuous case study across all seminars and the final seminar Industrial Engineering in Practice - REFA Model Factory also ensure an intensive and sustainable transfer of knowledge. 

Training structure

REFA Industrial Engineer

  • Productivity management - personnel
  • Productivity management - factory, resource and logistics planning
  • Design of stable process chains
  • Design of comprehensive/holistic company systems
  • Management techniques and leadership competence
  • Management of Digital Transformation - Industry 4.0
  • Industrial engineering in practice - REFA model factory

In-house and Online

The entire training is also available as online courses.

As an alternative we are also happy to conduct all training courses directly on-site, exclusively at your company. Please feel free to request an in-house offer.

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