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Determining productivity in Upper Austria

Mark Metallwarenfabrik GmbH in Spital am Pyhrn in Upper Austria is one of the global leaders in metal forming technology. With around 390 employees the company produces mechanically processed precision parts for the automotive industry.

In August, REFA International conducted a seminar on "REFA-Methods for Productivity Determination " on site. The participants worked in the middle management level and further included process engineers, IT-technicians, work technicians and programmers from the departments of CIP as well as planning and control. The seminar focused on the systematic approach to analysing work systems, methods on increasing productivity and time recording techniques according to international REFA-Standards. The seminar encompassed many training units in production as well where the participants had the opportunity to sufficiently put the methods taught to the test. Because of the positive results during the seminar, management decided to start a project to boost productivity in one of the production areas - an all-round successful conclusion for all involved.

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