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Next to the REFA time study method, activity sampling is the second classic REFA methods for data determination. Activity sampling is used when suspected weak points or improvement potentials in certain operational areas need to be detected. Whilst the times to be investigated are measured during a time study, the activity sampling shows the frequency of the processes (tasks, functions and occurrence) of interest. Given a sufficient number of observations, it is possible to deduce from samples to the totality. Looking at the percentage shares of the processes, their time requirements can be calculated with reference to the overall observation period.

The activity sampling method can thus be used very efficiently – for example for several work systems simultaneously. It can be carried out by several persons and can also be interrupted temporarily without affecting the results. For creative and mental activities, which cannot be recognised and hence cannot be captured by an external observer, the activity sampling can still be carried out using self-recording. The procedure for an activity sampling study is clearly laid down in an eight-stage REFA-Standard Program.

As in the case of REFA time recordings, an activity sampling requires due diligence and methodical knowledge. Although the use of modern hard- and software eliminates the need for manual calculations, only a person with the necessary qualification and experience can ensure efficient execution with verifiable documentation and ultimately meaningful results, which in turn lead to rationalisation potentials. Take advantage of the professionalism of REFA International AG. Our experts will conduct the activity sampling in all areas of your choice and will then provide you with all the details in a concise and legally compliant final report. With these results, you can immediately enter into the analysis and optimisation phase.

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