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REFA-Methods pay off at EPCOS/TDK in Brazil

At the EPCOS site in Gravataí, Brazil, more than 1800 employees produce capacitors for both the local and global market: about 70 percent of the production are earmarked for export. The annual production capacity is over- 1.7 billion aluminium-electrolytic- and foil capacitors. More than 90 Engineers and technicians develop robust and reliable products at this site for a wide range of technically demanding applications, for e.g., the automotive industry, electronics- and energy sectors as well as telecommunications sector.

In June 2015, a REFA-Seminar for production managers was held in Gravataí by REFA International AG as part of a global further vocational training program. The focus was primarily on the REFA-Methods for time recordings and the systematic approach for analysing and designing production processes.

We would like to thank EPCOS for the excellent cooperation!

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