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REFA-Time Studies at TDK Electronics (formerly EPCOS) in Indonesia

TDK Electronics (formerly EPCOS) has relied upon the global further vocational training offered by REFA International AG long since. The REFA-Seminar "Methods of Work Design and Data Determination" conducted in October and November of 2014 at TDK Electronics, then still called EPCOS, in Batam (Indonesia), was positively evaluated by the participants, so that the next seminar comprising 100 lessons was already realised in February and March 2015 for a group of 15 Engineers and managers from the manufacturing areas. After the necessary theoretical knowledge was acquired, the learned content was intensified by practical exercises. In particular, activity sampling and time studies were directly practised at workstations in production.

For most of the participants the occasional time recording of processes was already part of their task. Now the biggest challenge for the participants was the detailed description of the work system, the change from singular time measurements to progress time measurement and the assessment of the performance degree. Now and then approaches for improvements were already recognised which were further pursued after the seminar.

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