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Even more REFA-Basic-Training at EPCOS/TDK Austria

EPCOS/TDK commissioned REFA International with a global further vocational training program for the unified knowledge transfer of staff across national borders. Thus, in April and May 2016 another REFA-Basic-Training was conducted at EPCOS/TDK in Deutschlandsberg/ Austria.

The 15 participants in Deutschlandsberg came from all different departments such as production, logistics, quality assurance, production development and process technology. In addition of teaching the theoretical knowledge the focus in this training again was on the training in production on site. The methods and especially the systematic approach to analysing of workplaces were trained. The highlight of the training was the methodological training. For this, three groups of five participants each were formed. Each group was allocated a workstation and had three days to analyse and redesign this workstation according to eight given tasks. At the end, each group gave a presentation if the current and the target state. All participants were more than happy with the result.

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