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One more REFA-Basic-Training at EPCOS/TDK in Hungary

In March 2018, the REFA-Basic-Training was once more conducted directly at EPCOS/TDK in Szombathely, Hungary. As in previous seminars, the theoretical and practical parts were scheduled for a total of one hundred lessons. The training was held in English, as the company language has changed to English under the leadership of TDK in recent years.

 There was a balanced mix of theoretical instruction with corresponding written exercises and a practical process analysis, applying the theoretical knowledge - as this approach has already proven successful in the past. The eight participants, who were divided into two groups, concluded the course with project work from the corresponding work systems.

Once again, all participants showed an eminent level of expertise in the application of REFA-Methods. At the end, they presented and explained their results in two half-hour presentations to the company management and the REFA-Trainer.

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