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Work Design and Data Determination at Siemens in Shanghai

Founded in 1992, Siemens Shanghai Medical Equipment Ltd. (SSME) is an important pillar in the global Siemens Healthcare Group. SSME was even awarded the status of "High-Tech-Enterprise" by the district government in Shanghai.

To order to continue to meet the ambitious standards SSME gave REFA International AG the mandate to conduct the seminar "Methods of Work Design and Data Determination" in July 2018. The vocational training in English consisted of a theoretical and a practical syllabus with overall 80 scheduled lessons. REFA International relied on a proven mix of theoretical tuition combined with written exercises and the immediate practical implementation in their own production environment. The success was impressive: all 16 participants of the three sites in Shanghai, Shenzen and Wuxi were able to demonstrate their high professional competency in the application of the taught REFA-Methods. The highlight and conclusion of the seminar was the handover of the sought-after certificates as proof of successful completion.

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