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REFA-Work Design and Data Determination at Novem in Mexico

Novem is the global leader for trim parts and decorative functional elements for car interiors. Its customers are amongst the renowned manufacturers in the luxury segment such as Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche or Maserati. Novem is represented globally with a total of twelve production facilities in Europe, Asia and North and Central America. At the plants in Querétaro, Mexico and Tegucigalpa, Honduras, high quality materials such as wood, aluminium, carbon, high quality plastics and leather are used.

Being a global player, Novem is relying on REFA International AG for the further vocational training of staff members. Thus, a four-week seminar was conducted at the plant in Querétaro, where overall 17 participants, six of who came from Honduras, met. In practical application studies the focus was on describing work systems in their own production, the assessing of ergonomic risks and carrying out time studies and activity samplings. Hence, the participants, mainly young engineers, were given all the tools to implement the REFA-Methodology successfully and uniformly throughout the company.

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