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REFA-Training for productivity enhancement in Romania and Hungary

In autumn 2019 REFA International AG conducted a comprehensive in-house training at Flex Automotive in Romania (Timisoara) and Hungary (Zalagerzseg). The 26 participants came not only from the respective local sites but from other facilities of the globally active automotive supplier. Employees from the entire EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) attended the training. The first part of the training took place in Timisoara in October 2019. There, the methodical expertise was imparted and purposefully trained with practical exercises in the production.

For the practical week in November the group was split. One group continued the training in Timisoara, the other group trained in Zalaegerzseg. Small teams were formed in either location, which worked to develop the potential for improvement in various work systems. The team results were finally presented to the management on-site. Participants and management were likewise thrilled by the seminar organisation and the results achieved.

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