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– Utilise optimisation potentials methodically

The increasingly dynamic markets constantly provides companies with ever different and new challenges. This means that organisational structures and processes – even if they were ideally fitted to the requirements at a given time – need to be questioned repeatedly. It is necessary to look for bottlenecks and problematical areas and to assess and eliminated found weak spots. For the consultants of REFA International AG, the weak-spot analysis, together with their profound experience and their outstanding knowledge of industry, is the instrument of first choice.

- Calculations and decisions need a reliable database

Not only in order to calculate prices, determine delivery times, recognise weak spots and improvement potentials, but also in order to pay fairly, those responsible need to know what is happening within the company. This is the only way to make solid business decisions. The most important requirement is a data basis from which the cost structure of the company and time usage of all parties concerned can be reliably derived.

– Process optimisation with REFA

Paragon AG in Delbrück, together with the subsidiaries Productronic GmbH and Voltabox AG also based there, produce automotive components for premium car manufacturers such as AMG, Porsche and Bentley. The group is expanding. For this reason, the production process, currently still characterised by mostly manual labour shall be organisationally streamlined and subsequently gradually converted into partial or fully automated processes. On the way to a lean production REFA methods will be used.

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