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The crowning conclusion of the training in industrial engineering is the title of REFA-Engineer, which is highly valued within industry. The path to this title for you as a REFA-Industrial Engineer, is the preparation of a project work from your own professional background – scientifically accompanied by REFA AG. In this project work you not only show your comprehensive experts’ and methodological knowledge gained in the IE training – but substantiate it with your individual practical experiences in the field.

Target group

Specialists and managers working with a planning or strategic background, already having an engineering or technical university degree and a completed training as a REFA-Industrial Engineer.

Entry requirements

  • The successful completion of the training as a REFA-Industrial Engineer.
  • The professional title of engineer (m/f) is protected by the so-called law of engineers in the federal states in Germany, Therefore, it is necessary to hold a successful degree of a minimum of 6 semesters full-time studies (corresponding to 180 ECTS points) in a technical and/or natural science area to be able to gain the title of REFA-Engineer. Hence a bachelor’s degree is sufficient.

Training goals

During the training to become a REFA-Industrial Engineer, specialists and managers were trained in a multitude of methods covering productivity management, the design of stable process chains, the successful set-up of holistic company systems as well as in management techniques and improved leadership techniques. Furthermore, they learned more about the possibilities of digital transformation and Industry 4.0. Finally, the implementation of several methods was trained in a model factory.

The REFA-Engineer brings his holistic perspective of operations and his interdisciplinary view of tasks and projects to perfection with the completion of his project work. Since he deals with the requirements within his own work environment intensively whilst receiving scientific accompaniment by REFA AG, he will be optimally prepared to bring his company projects to be a success.

Training structure


In-house and Online

The entire training is also available as online courses.

As an alternative we are also happy to conduct all training courses directly on-site, exclusively at your company. Please feel free to request an in-house offer.

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