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Located in the heart of the Asia-Pacific region, Malaysia has developed into an industrial nation with great potential for the future in the recent years. Since the beginning of the 1990s the country has been able to increase its economic strength significantly. Malaysia's international trade particularly benefits from the country´s strategically favourable location in the middle of one of the most important maritime trade routes.

Do you have a production facility in Malaysia or maintain important supply chains in the county? Is your company engaged in the Malaysian supplier industry and offers services to other foreign markets? Then you should establish international standards in business organisation and process optimisation if you want to successfully meet global competitive pressures in the long term.

Growing competition and a constant change in customer needs require you to constantly deal with your value chains. Reviewing the efficiency of your procurement, production and distribution processes on a regular basis, you are able to detect performance deficits quickly and correct and optimise them by taking targeted action. Only in this way will you be able to create transparent and lean business processes that you can adapt flexibly to ever changing conditions - even across your domestic borders. To ensure this, you need a consistent company-wide communication, terminology and methodical procedures within your company and across borders.

Global consultancy in Malaysia and worldwide

Our certified REFA-Consultants support you in this process in the fields of work organisation, time management, process optimisation and lean management - both in Malaysia and worldwide.

Optimising processes with REFA-Methods and Lean Management

Precision in detail is crucial if your company is to work in a lean and efficient way according to lean Management. To avoid waste and concentrate on the essentials in all company processes our experienced consultants analyse production processes, material flows, value streams and workplaces. Together we realise the optimisation of your operational procedures to become lean processes and increase efficiency significantly. Internationally proven REFA-Methods for process analysis and optimisation as well as the instruments used in lean management create the basis for this.

Demand-driven consultancy and vocational training for Malaysia

REFA International AG offers companies based in or doing business in Malaysia a real added value with its demand-driven consultancy services and its company-specific training program. The implementation of Best-Practice-Methods for productivity enhancement and process optimisation is no longer limited to the domestic location but takes effect across borders. Because of our locally based consultants we are flexible and able to react quickly to changing requirements.

Our consultants support you from individual improvement tasks all the way to complex optimisation processes - no matter if you are at home in the service sector or in industry.

Additionally, you may upgrade teams across countries to a common level of knowledge, build up professional competences and expand knowledge in company-specific topics with our individualised in-house seminars or online training courses.

Our clients work internationally. So do we.

With us, your project in Malaysia or across borders is in the best possible hands. With our own locally based consultancy houses or selected cooperations we are a sought-after partner when it comes to topics such as time management, process optimisation and lean management.

The professional expertise as well as the profound knowledge about culture, mentality and local market conditions enable our consultants to offer you individual and personalised consultancy services in every phase of the consulting process.

Large industrial companies such as Siemens, Linde or Schindler already rely on the proven REFA-Knowledge. Many automotive suppliers - like Schaeffler and the Dräxlmaier Group - use the tried-and-tested consultancy service and vocational training program offered by REFA International AG.

Our many years of consultancy experience in Malaysia provides us with a comprehensive market understanding both from the consultant's and business's point of view. See for yourself!

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