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REFA-Training at SELK/EPCOS/TDK in Croatia

In February 2017 REFA International AG was asked again to conduct a REFA-Basic-Training in Kutina, Croatia, for twelve employees from SELK and three guest colleagues from TDK Malaysia. The training consisted of two one-week seminars and was held in English.

The focus of the in-house seminar was imparting the theoretical knowledge of the REFA-Methodology, as well as the implementation of the gained knowledge. Thus, to round-off the seminar, the participants were given the task of selecting live projects from current company processes and identifying potential for improvement during the second week. The projects were to focus on workplace design and the avoidance of waste or the improvement of current company processes.

Three projects were carried out in different departments in groups of five participants each. The Malaysian guest colleagues were fully integrated in this project stage of the seminar. The project teams were meant to choose all "tools" from the learned REFA- Methodology if possible. In the final presentation the participants were able to present their findings to the management. The individual groups took their assignments very seriously and approached their tasks with great commitment. The results met expectations and convinced management of the gained REFA-Knowledge. Additionally, the international vocational training made the creation of uniform standards across national borders possible which in turn benefits the harmonisation of processes in the overall company group.

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