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Never before have our companies been presented with such challenges. In addition to the growing internationalisation and the shortages in resources, the dynamic of customer wishes, technologic developments and influences from society and environment demand a flexibility and adaptability that has never been necessary before.

Along with clearly formulated and communicated company goals, it is important to determine one's own site selection and to record the actual status. Only based on transparent operational processes and the well-founded knowledge of available capacities, resources and potentials an effective planning and controlling is possible. What’s more: whoever wants to improve and optimise needs to know on the one hand one's baseline situation and on the other needs to be able to put the right tools to good use in order to reach the goals.

REFA International AG supports at every step of the way. Our experts analyse your operational processes, identify problematical areas and weak spots and make profound suggestions to you how to make your structures and processes more efficient. The REFA Methods used by our consultants and trainers have been successful in many projects. Time studies and potential analyses are classic tools for REFA consulting. Productivity and efficiency are the core of our lean consulting. For whoever produces in a global corporate network or maintains a worldwide supply chain, international standards for company organisation and process optimisation are essential. The consultants in the Global Consulting division know exactly what is important here.


Weak-spot analysis

The increasingly dynamic markets constantly provides companies with ever different and new challenges. This means that organisational structures and processes – even if they were ideally fitted to the requirements at a given time – need to be questioned repeatedly. It is necessary to look for bottlenecks and problematical areas and to assess and eliminated found weak spots. For the consultants of REFA International AG, the weak-spot analysis, together with their profound experience and their outstanding knowledge of industry, is the instrument of first choice.


Client's opinion: Schaeffler

schaeffler group refa

[...] "It should be particularly emphasised that any kind of “wastage” was not only immediately and unmistakably recognised, but a suitable solution to it was presented straight away.
The team has shown an extremely high level of motivation and enthusiasm, combined with excellent professional knowledge."
Robert Probst, Schaeffler México

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